Khairat Altabiah Group

Khairat Altabiah Group is a dynamic family-owned enterprise, first established in Lybia in 1998. With a consistent record of growth and innovation, Khairat Altabiah Group is one of the world’s leading brand franchise operators, offering an unparalleled choice of well-loved international brands to customers.
Khairat Altabiah Group’s portfolio extends across Libya with hundreds of customers in Africa. Operating in multiple sectors including Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Pharmacy, Home Furnishings and Leisure & Entertainment, Khairat Altabiah Group colleagues are united by a commitment to authentically deliver great customer service and brand experiences.
Fresh, modern and relevant, Khairat Altabiah constantly evolving portfolio reflects the choices and lifestyle of its customers. From flagship stores and restaurants in prestige malls, through to local markets, and online, Khairat Altabiah Group brings customers the brands they love in the places they want to be. Brands such as Hairtamin, Hype, Cliven, Babaria, Goli, Ivy Bears, Noreva, etc.
With over 500 POS centers and 1000+ satisfied customers in Tripoli, we continually invest in our infrastructure to ensure that we can support our customer needs, however and wherever they want to spend with us.
• Outstanding locations. From flagship stores in leading malls to high street destinations and drive thrus, our dedicated property and facilities management teams support brand growth and a great in-store experience.
• As our customer needs evolve, so do we. Our digital community helps us to engage with young, digital-savvy and mobile first consumers in the way that is most natural to them.
• Significant supply chain capabilities – integrated systems and close collaboration between brand teams and logistics ensures effective supply chain management from source through to our customers in store and online.
• Our network of 10+ Distribution Centres has the capacity to fulfil growing requirements and the capability to support both store and direct to customer deliveries.

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